The Many Parts of You

Understanding the puzzle of your behaviour

Have you ever felt like there's something holding you back from doing something or that part of you wants one thing while another part wants the opposite?

If your answer was yes and you'd like to learn how to identify your parts and work with them to unlock your true potential then this is the book for you!

About the Author

Jan Sky

Jan Sky has been in the industry for more than 30 years.
Her neuroscientific strategies are evidence-based and proven to work regardless of your industry.

Jan has trained leaders across the globe and is recognised for her work in change behaviour and creating the Executive State Identification mapping tool that maps the social neural network of the brain.

When she isn’t delivering ground-breaking leadership training for managers and business operators, Jan can usually be found working on her latest book, enjoying a coffee at a Gold Coast cafe or walking her dog, Major.

Qualifications include:

Graduate Certificate of Applied Neuroscience

Graduate Certificate of Health Sciences

Diploma of Counselling Skills

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Praise for "The Many Parts of You"

"Clarity"; Jan's book and her unique skills can be summed in that single word; "Clarity". Jan's ability to help her clients, her friends and now with this book her readers, comes from her innate understanding of how to help us identify and remove blocks, both emotional and intellectual, to clear thinking, giving us the momentum to move forward, toward our goals."

Jack Fraenkel

Chief Motivational Officer, Motivatories

"Jan took me on a journey into "myself" and showed me how I make decisions. Since returning from that journey my understanding of myself has made even harder choices much easier."

Gary Roberts

Chief Engineer, Leading Sydney Hotel

"With "The Many Parts of You" Jan Sky has opened the door to a simple and effective way to dealing with our own blocks to achieving what we want from life. Jan's style and ease of writing gives us an accessible tool that we can use whenever and wherever we choose. This book is a gift."

Liz Cassidy

Managing Director, Third Sigma International

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